The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

Lower ab workouts for both men and women

Abs are among the important muscles which no one thinks of leaving them out while doing any workout. This is because when the midsection is strong, the body will have proper alignment, proper balance and also be able to aid in alleviating any pain of the lower back. The main abs targeted are the lower ones which are also referred to as rectus abdominis. Some of the lower ab workouts which will aid in strengthening your core include:

1. Bear crawls

Starts by you standing on your legs and hands followed by some inches lift of the knee from the floor. Move the left foot and right hand a step in front while the knees are still elevated. Afterwards move the right foot and left hand a step in front. Keep moving forward for about 10 times.
Tip: although the move works your whole core, ensure that you target on deep abdominis traversing ensuring that the navel is drawn in and also maintain the neural spine.

2. Bicycles
Lie your body on the back accompanied by a lift of the feet some inches from the floor. Keep the toes pointed with your shoulder and head blades lifted some inches from the ground. Get your hands right behind the head with the elbows wide. Place the right knee almost at your chest with the shoulder lifting almost to touch the knees. Lower the shoulder on left side then have the right leg straightened while you rotate them bringing inward the left knee and up the right shoulder. Switch the sides and do so for each side ten times.
Tip: ensure that as you perform this the shoulders are lifted then rotated for you to fire up oblique while exercising.

3. Mountain climbers
Place your body flat on a high position. Keep the shoulder and hands apart. Place the right knee almost at your chest then get it back to the floor and do the same for the left knee. Switch the legs severally for about 10 times each side.
Tip: for this exercise, when you move faster you burn more calories.


Lower Ab Exercises for a Stronger Core

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