The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

Great Tips for Lower Abs

There is nothing as great as being healthy, confident and strong, but all this can only be possible if you have a tight and toned core. Combination of good food and workouts is the best solution for a toned body. This article shares top tips and a simple lower abs workout that will unleash the sexy part of you.
Let’s start shall we?

i. Buy slimming foods

Bloating is never a good thing because it hides all the effort you have ever put in. you can instead consumer food that will de-bloat, and help you tone your muscles well. Consider ginger, lemon juice, asparagus- they are perfect for slimming your body, and you can add your meals. You can make a perfect ginger lemon tea or add some asparagus.

ii. Focus with your center in all your exercises

With commitment you can tone your center. A strong midsection will help make your body stable as well as your spine. Pull the belly button towards the spine while doing squats, deadlights, bend over rows and so much more. This will help pull your balance and increase your strength.

iii. Increase exercise the intensity

You need to do as much interval training as you can. This will increase your metabolism all the time. Doing this at least three times a week will make the pretty abs appear.

iv. Avoid stress as much as you can

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for body stress. High levels of Cortisol can make your body store a lot of fat in the midsection. Also, lack of enough sleep can put not only your mind but also the body on the edge. Sleep from between 7 and 8 hours a night to reduce you daily stress levels.
10 minute lower abs workout

i. Alternating plank knee taps

Place both your hands below the shoulder, and lower the right knew to touch the ground. Get back to the initial posture and do the same with the left knew. Alternate both sides.

ii. High knees

This will always increase your metabolism. What you need to do is raise the knees to the belly button, and ensure you land safely on the feet. Do this for about thirty seconds

iii. Down dog toe tap

Position yourself in down doe posture. Use your left hand to touch the right foot. Do the same with your right hand and alternative. Do a total of 20 reps, with each session of 10 reps.

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