The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

Lower ab workouts for ten minutes

Below is a ten minutes section which will get you toning and tightening the entire midsection at home. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and then repeat such moves for 30minutes for best results.

Sit ups
Lie on the floor with your face facing upwards and the arms and legs extended over your chest. Inhale then exhale with your upper body lifted from the floor. Let the lower and upper body form 90 degrees angle around the hips. Afterwards inhale then slowly and under control lower the body’s upper part.

Twist up
Lie on the floor with your face facing upwards and the hands and legs extended by your eyes accompanied by out pointing elbows. Lift the body’s upper part from the floor as you lift the left leg from the ground. Lower the leg down and alternate for the other side then do the alternating for like a minute.

Lateral V-Up
Lie on the ground on your body’s right side then extend the arm in front and keep the palm on the floor. The left hand should be alongside left ear with the elbow pointing the sides. Lift your body’s upper part using your right arm to shift weight and create a balance. Let the elbow of the left side touch the knee on the left.

Pop up
Lie with your face facing upwards and the biceps alongside the ears with arms and legs extended. Pull the body’s lower and upper part such that it forms the pose position of a boat. Get the hamstrings’ on top to get balanced then hold on there for some seconds. Get down to your normal position. Repeat the process severally for a minute.

Super Twist by Russians
Get sited on floor with bent knees, heels flat on ground, torso slightly leaning back with the hands together on the chest level. Keep your legs still then twist to right side the torso with right arm extended behind you touching the floor with the hand on the right side. Return to beginning position then continue with the alternation for a minute.

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